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Mace & Morningstar

Safe Harbors

Take Out

Rode Hard

Countryside w Morricide

Too Hot In The Kitchen

Patchwork Quilt

Vintage Beltain

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Mace And Morningstar
is our eighth full length studio album of exclusive material. It is an all traditional album of English songs commonly rooted in war. From the 14th century's Agincourt Carol to the vast repertoire Napoleonic War, these songs express the glory and tragedy of war through the ages.

Track listing: 1) Over The Hills And Far Away 2) Rigs Of The Time 3) Gallant Hussar 4) Nottingham Ale 5) Agincourt Carol 6) Billy Taylor 7) Lillibullero / British Grenadiers 8) The Bonny Light Horsemen 9) Eighteenth Of June 10) Swaggering Boney 11) Mace And Morningstar

Safe Harbors - The Best Of Beltain
collects our most popular songs onto one album beginning with Any Port Town from our first, self-titled album release in 1995 through our 2013 remake of Too Hot In The Kitchen.

Track listing: 1) Any Port Town 2) I Am A Maid Who's Deep In Love (ep version) 3) I'll Drink To Scotland No More 4) Wild In The West (video edit) 5) Dance The Magic Round 6) Drawing Down The Moon 7) Trebuchet 8) Jongleur 9) The Underwater Chantey 10) Reynardine (ep version) 11) Rode Hard & Put Away Wet (ep version) 12) Safe Harbors (extended version)

Take Out collects the best songs that were orphaned when we revamped our catalog by deleting eps. Take Out spans the years 1994 to 2011 and features some of our most poplular performances including John Barleycorn, Captain Kidd and Somerset Wassail.

Track listing: 1) Captain Kidd 2) Rambling Sailor 3) John Barleycorn (video mix) 4) Somerset Wassail 5) Wild Rover (1994 versin) 6) The Merry B Reels 7) Bud And Blossom 8) I Have One Wish 9) Baldwin's Blues 10) The Colerane Jigs 11) General Taylor 12) The Mason's Apron Set

Rode Hard, is our third live album after Crankshaft Grinding (1997) and Saint Patrick's Day Live (2004) and was recorded live at Electric Canyon Studio in 2009. For many years four songs from the session served as our booking demo. In 2013 we decided to make an ep by adding drums, bass and assorted instruments. In 2015 we added overdubs to some of the remaining songs to make this full length album. We like it alot. We think you will too.

Track listing: 1) Jongleur 2) Reynardine 3) The Hawk 4) El Gato y la Pulga 5) The Prince Of Wales 6) Douce Dame Jolie 7) Gilgara Mountain 8) Hal N Toe 9) The Last Country Waltz 10) Flor de Santa Vera Cruz 11) Strike The Bell 12) The Weaver & The Factory Maid 13) Rode Hard & Put Away Wet

Countryside With Morricide (A Compendium Of English Dance Music), our seventh studio albulm, collects our eps Morricide and Honor Thy Partners All. Also featured are The Happy Man and selections from Morgan's Music For The Renaissance Lute.

Track listing: 1) The Happy Man 2) Morris Call / Morris On / Lads A Bunchem / The Blue Eyed Stranger 3) Boatman / Greenwood 4) Gathering Pescods (w calling) / Un Deux Trois 5) Wilson's Wilde 6) English Country Garden / Trunkles 7) A Toye 8) Lillibullero / Goddesses 9) Young Collins / London Pride 10) La Volta / Jenny Pluck Pears 11) Upon A Summer's Day / Scotch Cap / Saturday Night And Sunday Morn 12) Sleights Sword Dance 13) Morris Off / Heartsease

Too Hot In The Kitchen is our sixth studio album. It began as a cassette album of the same name recorded and released in 1996 by Beltain singers Morgan & McDow. This edition of Too Hot In The Kitchen was restored from the original 4-track masters and extensively overdubbed. Some of the original masters proved unusable. New recordings of Princess Royal, Gathering Pescods & La Bastraigne were made in the spring of 2013. Addtional overdubs were recorded at that time.

Track listing: 1) Princess Royal 2) Gathering Pescods / La Bastraigne 3) I Am A Maid Who's Deep In Love 4) I'll Drink To Scotland No More 5) Three Playford Dances 6) The Wild Geese 7) Robin Was A Reckless Lad 8) The Chorus Jig / Rakish Paddy 9) La Cucaracha 10) Lull Me Beyond Thee / Scotch Cap 11) General Ludd 12) Too Hot In The Kitchen

Patchwork Quilt, our fifth studio album, was recorded in 2011 and issued on CD-R and download in 2012. The album features mostly original compositions, the exception being Reynardine (traditional arranged by Morgan McDow).

Track listing: 1) Patchwork Quilt 2) Bad Alchemy 3) The Price Of Love 4) Hoa Hokananai'a 5) Reynardine 6) Skullduggery (Dead Men) 7) Running From Ophelia 8) Ma Cuisine C'est Fantastique 9) Mother Lode 10) The Olive Tree 11) Parsonage Imbroglio 12) Safe Harbors



Vintage Beltain gathers two songs from our 1993 demo recordings, four more from our first album Beltain (1995), one from our second album, Merry Begot (1999), three from our ep Time Of The Assassins (2001), the audio to our video single Circle Of Light (2004) and an extended version of Morgan's youtube hit Douce Dame Jolie (2005).

Track listing: 1) Any Port Town (demo) 2) Lord Darnley / Tarry Trousers (edit) 3) The Jolly Highwayman 4) Douce Dame Jolie (extended) 5) The Wild Hunt 6) Far Between (You & Me) (acoustic mix) 7) Circle Of Light (video mix) 8) Evergreen 9) Bedlam Boys 10) Kilmainham Gaol 11) Reels: The Little Beggar Man / Mackilmoyle's / Drowsy Maggie (edit) 12) Ancient In The Modern World