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Songs For The Renaissance Lute

Mistress Of Misrule

Courtly Manners, Country Matters

A Medieval Feast
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Music For The Renaissance Lute
is an ep featuring seven short pieces written for the Renaissance Lute.

Track listing: 1) Packington's Pound (alternate version) 2) La Volta 3) La Courante 4) A Toye 5) Faustus' Dream 6) Mall Symmes 7) Wilson's Wilde

Mistress Of Misrule
is a collection of songs from various sessions that appear elsewhere in different forms and two exclusive songs as well: Complain My Lute and My Man John. Both were recorded during the sessions for Courtly Manners, Country Matters but were not intended for that album. It was more like tying up loose ends, it was!

Track listing: 1) A Tree Song (ep mix) 2) The Happy Man / English Country Garden 3) Reynardine (ep mix) 4) If All The World Were Paper 5) Douce Dame Jolie (new vocal 2016) 6) Sing Care Away (alternate mix) 7) What If I Never Speed (extended version) 8) Gathering Pescods (2008 version) 9) I Am A Maid Who's Deep In Love (ep mix) 10) Complain My Lute 11) My Man John 12) Christmas Is A Comin'

Courtly Manners, Country Matters is Morgan McDow's second solo album. Morgan plays octave mandolin, mandolin, lute, viola da gamba, garklein, recorders, violin, bass guitar, side drum, dumbek, djembe, percussion and she sings.

Husband Mikkel contributes acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, drums & percussion and he sings as well.

Track listing: 1) Sing Care Away 2) The Beggar 3) La Spagnioletta 4) Orientis Partibus 5) Goddessess / Jenny Pluck Pears 6) Barley Mow 7) Packington's Pound 8) What If I Never Speed 9) Blow They Horn Hunter 10) La Tricotea 11) Abbots Bromley Horn Dance 12) A Tree Song 13) Tarleton's Goodnight / The Nightwatch

A Medieval Feast is Morgan McDow's first solo album. Instruments played by Morgan include bodhran, tibetan drum, dumbek, recorders, octave mandolin, mandolin, violin, percussion and vocals.

This album of medieval songs and dances was recorded November and December 2005 and issued on CD-R December 2005.

Track listing: 1) Douce Dame Jolie 2) Puisque Je Voy 3) Tristan's Lament / La Rotta / Douce Dame Jolie (reprise) 4) Puisque Je Voy (vocal version) 5) Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene 6) Quant Je Voi Yver 7) Rufty Tufty 8) Angelus Ad Virginem 9) Salterello 10) Alle Psallite 11) Nova Nova 12) Pucelete 13) Danse Royale 14) Memento Mori 15) If All The World Were Paper 16) Gathering Pescods 17) Once Twice Thrice