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In A Blue Dream

Noise In The Alley

All These Little Voices

Vulcan Love Songs

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In A Blue Dream is Mik Dow's third solo album. Recorded between late 2013 and February 2016 this is the latest collection from Mik Dow the songwriter.

Track listing: 1) In A Blue Dream 2) I Told You So 3) Down At Putah Creek 4) Live A Little Bit 5) Your Daddy Is An Agent For The CIA 6) A Room Without Mirrors 7) Kangatsiak 8) The Roach Song / Hey man 9) This Is Me Lord 10) Large Hadron Collider / Om

Noise In The Alley collects the best of Mik Dow's independent releases between 1983 and 1993, or to put it another way, post Jars and pre Beltain CD. Included are two songs from Vulcan Love Songs (1992) two from Beltain's cassette demo (1993) two from The Man Who Had No Idea private album attributed to Lizard Music and Mik Dow respectively (1986) one from Lizard Music's demo (1983) and one remake that appears in different form on the album All These Little Voices.

Track listing: 1) Driftwood 2) Any Port Town (first version) 3) Circle Of Light (Tesla Mix) 4) Kilmainham Gaol 5) Ancient In The Modern World (New World Edit) 6) The Murder Of Maria Marten 7) House Of Cards 8) The Man Who Had No Idea (Todd Dillingham remix)

All These Little Voices
songs pre-date Beltain. The only exception is Tired Horse written in early 2013. Glow Boys was written in 1983. Do Blind Men Dream In Color? was written in 1993. I Baby Yeah and People Die Everyday were written with The Jars in 1980. The earliest is Mr. Lacy Furs written for The Beauty Killers in 1978. The Man Who Had No Idea was written for Lizard Music in 1984. Trouble Comes In Threes & Fractured Past were composed in 1987 and Lamplight was written 1991.

Track listing: 1) Do Blind Men Dream In Color? 2) Tired Horse 3) Glow Boys 4) Lamplight 5) People Die Everyday 6) Trouble Comes In Threes 7) Fractured Past 8) I Baby Yeah 9) Mr. Lacy Furs 10) The Man Who Had No Idea

Vulcan Love Songs is credited to Mikkel's r n r self Mik Dow, co-founder of Berkeley's old school new wave band The Jars. This first full length solo album served originally as a demo album released December 1992. Updated in March 1993 it's songs were the repertoire of the first lineup of the band Beltain.

Track listing: 1) Driftwood 2) Ancient In The Modern World 3) The Prickle Holly Bush 4) Lord Darnley / Kirk O'Field 5) Rose Among The Thorns 6) Saint Andrews 7) Tomorrow Is A Long Time For Lovers - Bonus Selection 8) Kyle Of Lochalsh