Courtly Manners, Country Matters by Morgan McDow & Heartsease

CourtlyManners300Morgan’s love for early music and Mikkel’s love for modern music results in these unique interpretations of 16th century court music, folk songs and dances.  Courtly Manners, Country Matters opens and closes with pieces by Elizabethean composer John Dowland.  The first is What If I Never Speed performed on electric guitar, bass and drums along with octave mandolin and soprano recorder.  Blow Thy Horn, Hunter by William Cornysh is next and it is given ‘the full Tudor’ says Morgan, with viola da gamba, recorder choir, tabor and side drum and bass guitar.  La Spagniolletta was arranged from memory with no musical notation involved, while Orientis Partibus is severely distorted with syncopation, harmony and counter-point, none of which were present in the original 12th century manuscript.  Orientis Partibus and The Abbots Bromley Horn Dance are the earliest pieces of music that we have chosen to include while A Tree Song by Rudyard Kipling with music by Stacey Toy and Morgan McDow and Oil Of Barley composed by Mikkel McDow and incorporating two English country dances, Stingo and Lady Spellor are the most recent.  Also featured are Sing Care Away, set to the tune of Heartsease, La Tricotea, a 16th century drinking song, the very naughty My Man John, two more English country dances, Goddesses and Jenny Pluck Pears and Apple Tree Wassail.  The album closes with Morgan’s solo octave mandolin performance of Tarleton’s Goodnight, the second John Dowland composition included here-in.  Surprises delight include flamenco style vocals, rock n roll grooves, hidden catches and more.  Courtly Manners, Country Matters explores the music of the 16th century in brand new ways.  Available now at bandcamp.

…sounds like Frank Zappa playing during Medieval Times. – Chico News & Review

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