Morgan’s Birthday Sale

Today is Morgan’s birthday so for the month of August 2012 all of our music is on sale.  Some is actually free.  Here’s how it works.

We have priced all of our digital albums at $7.00 for the entire download which often include extra tracks, album art, photos and maybe all three.  The exception to this is our 20th anniversary collection Underwater Chanteys which is $10.00 and 20 minutes longer than our other albums.  Even so, by entering the discount code lammas – l a m m a s (no spaces) – the price drops to $7.00.  What is more, this discount code works on anything in the store, making our three song singles a mere 98cents for the whole shebang.  Individual songs, already sale priced at 70cents, drop to 49cents apiece.

We’ll start it off by giving you the A-side of our brand new single Bad Alchemy. Just select the song and then select download.  A window will pop up asking if you want to pay for it anyway.  Say no and enter your email address and we will send you the link.  Or enter a price, any price, even a penny, and download it right then and there, but we encourage you to take it for free so that we can save your email and send more good things your way.

The Nitty Gritty:

All of our albums, and singles too, that are available in our Bandcamp store, except for Underwater Chanteys, have as a bonus a live recording.  With thirteen singles and eight albums, that comes to twenty-one free live tracks from every era of the band.  For the most part they are not available as separate downloads.  An exception to this is the Bad Alchemy single.  We’re giving you the A-side, and as the B-side is available on Underwater Chanteys you might have both.  We are not going to make you buy them all over again just to get the live recording of Any Port Town from KRCB Live in August 2010.

For those who have to have CDs, physical CDs of all our albums are available through reverbnation. They do not include the live bonus tracks because we want you to buy downloads through Bandcamp, but if you’re like us and you want to hold an album in your hand, all of our CDs available through reverbnation are on sale for $10.00 except for Underwater Chanteys which is $13.00.  These are on demand CD-Rs with laser printed artwork and they come shrink wrapped in sturdy jewel boxes.  We buy them ourselves and they look darn good.

So remember – it’s lammas – that’s the discount code too – it’s good for 30% off anything in the store – through August 31, 2012.

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